I wrote a post as a guest blogger for Green+Aquamarine, and it was one of the most fun posts I've done, so naturally I must share it with you.

So, what do I keep at home? See for yourself!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV): I use it in a glass of water every morning to start my metabolism, and detox my system. I also add it to salads. (Make sure the ACV is raw. My favorite is Bragg)

Almonds (and other nuts), plus tahini: I love nuts and nut butters. In Greece I’ve started using more tahini as well. Give me a jar, a spoon, and I’m happy. I mostly add them to my smoothies now, but do snack on them occasionally.

Rice and buckwheat pasta: Because I avoid wheat, I buy gluten-free pasta. My favorite way to eat it is to drizzle (ok, who am I kidding) pour olive oil and squeeze some garlic on top.

Quinoa + Brown rice: Easy, healthy, filling. Always have it in my pantry. 

I also have essential oils in my cupboard, and I cook with them. Adding one drop of cumin to a big pot of soup is plenty. Make sure to use food grade essential oils if you are to consume them.

Collagen: I started using it in my smoothies because I don’t eat meat, and as a source of protein. I haven't started too long ago, so I am not sure yet if it is making any difference in my appearance and wellness.

Superfoods: I’ve come to realize that it’s harder for me in Greece to get in all my greens than it was in NYC, so I buy a green powder superfoods mix from Sunfood Superfoods. I love it, because  it has no sweeteners of any kind, and includes probiotics and enzymes. I also add raw cacao to my morning smoothies for the cacao benefits, and to steer me off craving chocolate. Sunfood Superfoods is now my favorite brand for superfoods, and you can have a 15% discount here

Matcha: I’ve started drinking matcha every day, and love it. It naturally made me not want coffee anymore so I ended up quitting that. I love the health benefits, and the taste is nice also (You can check out my blog about matcha benefits here). I prefer to mix it with coconut oil. My favorite matcha is from Matchaeologistand I love how personal they are in their customer service approach.

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