I moved to NYC 2755 days ago, in which I've 

-Lived in 10 apartments

-Went to 2 colleges

-Took over 1000 ballet classes

-Discovered a yoga class I loved, which made me want to become a teacher

-Did 103.95 failed headstands before I could get one right

-Have worked in 5 different places, sticking to 1 favorite in the end

-Found my calling and acquired two careers, working now on more 

-Bought 456.32 useless things

-Filled my closet with lululemon

-Started drinking coffee again, with no plan to give it up

-Got 2 drunk piercings on different occasions

-And most importantly I've met a lot of wonderful people who are now forever a part of my life.

I will certainly miss NYC very much, but i am also extremely excited about my new chapter. Thank you dear city for helping me become the person I am today, and thank you everyone who has become a part of my NYC adventure.