Hello darlings! I am on the plane right now with four seats to myself like a princess, and feeling inspired to write a little something for y'all. I am an amazing daughter, because I am flying to see my mom on her birthday on Prague, and SHE HAS NO IDEA! This, however, is not what this post is about. It is about how to fulfill your desires of wanderlust without feeling like crap!


1. Some months ago, I've made a new tradition to start my flight days with a health-kick smoothie. I usually make an orange+kiwi smoothie, and I boost it with ALOHA powder. I also add some super foods such as maca, chia, flaxseed, etc. This time I also sprinkled some bee pollen and hemp seeds on top. I also used cooled off matcha green tea instead of water. It's filling, and helps your immune system fight all the traveling nasties.


2. Avoid plane food. It sucks! It's filled with preservatives, way too much sodium, and other random crap that pretends to be food. The first time I didn't eat anything offered on the plane, was in August '14. After a transatlantic flight, I felt better than ever before post-flight, which made this experiment short and put a stop forever on fake airplane food.


3. Which brings me to my next point: pack healthy snacks! You will be bored, and you will feel hungry. I usually pack a nut mix (raw and unsalted), fruit like apple and banana, and my new travel favorite: Gladiator Cookies from Juice Press.


4. HYDRATE!! It is so important to stay hydrated on the plane! Your body gets dehydrated much quicker up in the sky! Unfortunately at JFK it comes at the price of $6 a bottle, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I probably have 2 or more liters of water during my transatlantic flight. At some point I mix in another ALOHA pouch for extra electrolytes and healthy goodness.


5. Bring fuzzy socks I don't want to keep my shoes on during the flight, and I love to feel cozy. Wool or fuzzy socks do the job of keeping me comfy and warm. Also wear something comfortable (but cute, of course!) That way if you don't have four seats to yourself, like I do now, you can fold yourself into a pretzel


Ok, loves, I'm putting on my sleeping mask and taking a nap. Peace out. Ciao.