A few weeks ago when I was visiting my mama, and we were shopping for all sorts of superfoods, I picked up matcha on a whim. I've had matcha before, as well as matcha lattes (granted they were everywhere when I lived in NYC), but never bought matcha powder for home.

Then, as I started making it, I just couldn't stay away. I became obsessed instantly. I loved the energy, the taste, and I didn't even want coffee anymore. (I still love coffee, but don't want it at all when I have matcha)

What is matcha? Matcha is a traditional Japanese drink made of specially grown green tea leaves stone-ground into powder.

Of course, I've heard of all the matcha benefits, and that was a very big and pleasant bonus. Matcha is said to:

  • Be extremely high in antioxidants

  • Helps you find your calm

  • Boosts memory and concentration

  • Increase energy and endurance

  • Help burn calories

  • Detoxify the body

  • Strengthen the immune system

Right now I'm really loving matcha from MatchaeologistI found this company accidentally, in fact they found me on social media, and I decided to give it a try. *

I want to know if you love matcha, and how you use it. Share your ideas with me! 

*Edited to add that after being a fan of their matcha for over two years, I became a brand ambassador.


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