Hello friends. Sorry I've been MIA, I've been taking care of my new life. Which means that I was getting sun, sea, yummy food and wine. Also beach yoga and Pilates, as well as a sprinkle of drama from some crazy bitches, which was quite entertaining. 

Then I've had quite a disastrous trip to NYC, where i missed my flight because of a Helsinki officer, ended up having to pay a fee to get a new ticket, staying the night at the airport hotel, and having my luggage lost for 5 days. I did, however, make a new friend through these misadventures, so in the end I'll say it wasn't a bad experience after it was all over. 

Now I am in the airport flying to Prague to see mama. The reason why I can update my blog from the airport, is because my flight from NYC was delayed, which means I missed my connecting flight. So I am stuck again in...Helsinki. HA!