what are essential oils?

Essential oil is what is found in the stems, flowers, seeds or other parts of plants. Even though essential oils smell great, their benefits go beyond olfactory pleasures. Essential oils can help elevate mood, aid in restful sleep, help digestion, release stress, amongst many other uses. Use of essential oils goes back thousands of years for medicinal and therapeutic uses, and are a big staple in the modern world for holistic health approach. 

CAN i benefit from essential oils?

Absolutely! After discovering high quality essential oils, they have become a staple in my household. I diffuse them, apply topically or use internally to clean the air, boost my mood, help me recover from a cold, boost my circulation, aid digestion, etc.

It is important to use high quality essential oils free of pesticides, synthetics, and other toxins. This is why I use therapeutic-grade oils, which are not like the more synthetic and diluted oils found in stores.

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